Sequential Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Sequential Stars

Sequential Stars is a fabulous cow straight from my breeding program. Sequential has proven to be a powerhouse for me in improving my herd. I have flushed Sequential to several different bulls and she never fails to produce top notch offspring.

One of her embryo offspring now resides in Belgium! She is the dam of the first cow to officially measure 100″ TTT. Kinetic Motion of Stars  measured 100″ TTT at the 2018 TLBAA Horn Showcase! She is also the dam of the following full sisters to Kinetic: Arrive by Star Flight, Quarter Moon and Stars born in 2014 and now belonging to Kurt Twining, Following Stars and Consequential Stars born in November 2016. Sequential’s natural daughter (Transcendent Star), born March 25, 2017 is sired by WF Friday’s Check.  We also had four embryo offspring born to Sequential between March 14 and March 25; bulls sired by Starbase Commander and Star Regard and heifers sired by Starbase Commander and X Star. I now have three bulls sired by JH Rough Country, one ET heifer sired by him and Sequential Stars has a natural heifer sired by him also. Sequential delivered a bull calf on 02/17/2020 sired by Sam Chex. I recently flushed Sequential to Magnum Star Force and implanted five embryos. She has been exposed to Rev Up the Stars for her next calf. (Picture taken 08/04/2019)

News Flash! Sequential Stars won First in Class at the 2008 Winchester Futurity scoring higher than any other animal at the event.

Sequential Stars won First in Class at the 2009 Winchester Futurity scoring higher than any other animal at the event for the second year.

Sequential is the dam of Kinetic Motion of Stars, currently the first cow to officially measure 100″ TTT which she did at the 2018 Horn Showcase.

Sequential won First Total Horn, First Composite, First in Produce of Dam at the 2016 TLBAA Horn Showcase.

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    April 16, 2007
  • Horns
    87.25" TTT; 118.5" TH; 12.25" Base


J.R. Grand Slam
J.R. Grand Slam
GF G-Man
J.R. Sequential
Jump Shot
J.R. Sequence
Stars Southern Accent
Stars Southern Accent
GF Southbrooke
GF G-Man
Still Classy
585 Concho
J.R. Skippy
GF G-Trish

Progeny History

Star Command Perfected (S)
DOB 07/13/2009
Sire: Starbase Commander

North Star JR (B)
DOB 02/11/2011
Sire: Star Regard 927

Private Medley of Stars (C)
DOB 08/03/2011

Sequence of Stars (C)
DOB 03/04/2012
Sire: Star Regard 927

Star Soldier (S)
DOB 12/01/2012
Sire: Starbase Commander

Kinetic Motion of Stars (C)
DOB 12/08/2012
Sire: Starbase Commander

Quintessentially A Star (C)
DOB 12/09/2012
Sire: Starbase Commander

Arrive by Star Flight (C)
DOB 05/10/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Dirk’s Viper (B)
DOB 07/20/2013
Sire: X Star

Quarter Moon and Stars (C)
DOB 02/25/2014
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Authority (S)
DOB 12/03/2014
Sire: WBAR ItsMisterChex2U

Enchanted with Stars (C)
DOB 02/04/2015
Sire: WBAR ItsMisterChex2U

Hushabye Stars (H)
DOB 03/09/2015
Sire: WBAR ItsMisterChex2U

Journey to the Stars (S)
DOB 02/27/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Grand Star Commander (S)
DOB 08/16/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Consequential Stars (C)
DOB 11/13/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Following Stars (C)
DOB 11/22/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Invasion (S)
DOB 03/14/2017
Sire: Starbase Commander

DOB 03/15/2017
Sire: Star Regard 927

X-Istential Star (C)
DOB 03/20/2017
Sire: X Star

Transcendent Star (C)
DOB 03/24/2017
Sire: WF Friday’s Check

Stars be Nimble (C)
DOB 03/25/2017
Sire: Starbase Commander

DOB 11/25/2018
Sire: JH Rough Country

DOB 09/04/2018
Sire: JH Rough Country

DOB 02/01/2019
Sire: JH Rough Country

DOB 02/05/2019
Sire: JH Rough Country

DOB 02/07/2019
Sire: Starbase Commander