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Texas Longhorns are my passion and I thank you for your interest in my cattle. My goal is to match my customers with cattle that fit their breeding program and personal preferences. In viewing my web site, if you find one or more Texas Longhorns that you are interested in, please contact me for the price and any other information you need. While the majority of my cattle are for sale, I have a few animals that I am retaining in my breeding program for the present and have tried to indicate that in the information about them.


Payment for Texas Longhorns may be made by cashiers check, travelers check, cash, Zelle and personal checks with proper identification.


If you are interested in one or more Texas Longhorns but not quite ready to take delivery, I will hold the animal with a deposit of 50%. The remaining balance will be due two weeks after the initial deposit is made. Boarding charges for cattle left longer than two weeks after purchase will be $4.50 per day.

Prices are quoted on each animal “as is where is”. Animals are guaranteed to be as represented.* Breeding cattle are guaranteed breeders and females are guaranteed to milk to raise a calf.** New owners must meet complete nutritional and medical needs of cattle.

Please check status of females:

  • Priced as bred cow (no calf included in price, sold as confirmed and guaranteed pregnant)
  • Priced as pair (priced with calf at side but not confirmed bred back)
  • Priced as three-in-one (sold with calf at side and confirmed pregnant)
  • Priced as exposed only (Sold as exposed but not confirmed pregnant)
  • Priced as open (not exposed)

Prices subject to change due to calves weaned or born. Any cows shown as AI’d or bred (priced as pregnant) will be verified pregnant prior to sale. Buyer may wish to confirm within two weeks of purchase to satisfy guarantee.
Herd Certified Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Free. Vaccination Program: Adult animals vaccinated annually with Bovishield FP Gold or Cattle Master4+VL5 and Blackleg vaccine. Calves vaccinated generally 3 times prior to weaning, then annually. All heifer calves receive Brucellosis vaccination. Worming program: All animals wormed a minimum of 3 times annually.


All cattle sold will be transferred and registered in the new owners’ name in the Association of their choice.


Weaned calves will be branded with our holding brand and a private herd number prior to leaving the ranch. Calves that are still at the side of their dam and sold as a cow/calf pair will not be branded.

Photo Credits

Utilize any photo you may need for your website with a photo credit. Free reproduction rights with photo credit as follows: “Photo courtesy of Star Creek Ranch”


*I want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Please examine the animal purchased and let me know if you have any concerns within 15 days.
**If it is discovered that a cow or heifer will not breed or milk as offered a reasonable exchange will be offered.

torn edge

Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award

In 2011 I was awarded the “Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award” which has been awarded to individuals since 1982 who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Texas Longhorn cattle through their breeding program. It is a significant honor to be a recipient of this award, named in honor of a dedicated Texas Longhorn breeder, Dave Evans, and I was very honored to join such a distinguished list of recipients.

Star Creek Ranch is my home and my passion. I love sharing the land and cattle with others. I frequently have people drive by and stop to take pictures. If I can I always take time to show them around. I love to help new breeders just getting started by answering questions and sharing tips and ideas. I have a huge lake on the ranch and many friends come fishing. Friends from my church come camping on occasion. Some come to hunt hogs – the scourge of all landowners. I have wonderful employees who help me keep the place in top condition and the animals well cared for. My Border collie, Indy, is my constant companion and top cow dog – well she thinks she is, and who am I to argue. Life is great at Star Creek Ranch and I invite you to come for a visit.

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