Rev Up the Stars

Texas Longhorn Herd Sire - Rev Up the Stars

Rev Up the Stars is a fantastic Texas Longhorn bull from the breeding of Guns N’ Roses N’ Stars to X Star. This bull is a striking brindle just like most of X-Star‘s calves. He is a huge, thick bodied bull and I have some of his fancy offspring here. I really like what I see. Rev Up has a daughter from Kinetic Motion of Stars, Reveille Star, that appears to be on track to reach 100″ TTT since she is ahead of Kinetic’s measurements at the same age. He also has a heifer in Mike and Diane Romney’s herd that has just entered the “Club 40″ – measuring at least 40” by the first birthday! He is proving to be a real horn producing bull and he has tremendous horn growth and color also – what’s not to like?  (Picture taken 07/26/2021)

Rev Up the Stars is co-owned by Mike and Diane Romney of Utah.

I am offering pasture breeding to Rev Up the Stars. Contact me for more information.

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    May 25, 2014
  • Price
    Co-owned with Mike and Diane Romney
  • Horns
    82" TTT; 100"
    TH; 19.5" Base
  • Sire
    X Star
  • Dam
    Guns N’ Roses N’ Stars


X Star
X Star
Star Regard 927
Peacemaker 44
Star Supreme Credit
American Sonata
American Blues
Over Soon
Guns N' Roses N' Stars
Guns N’ Roses N’ Stars
Starbase Commander
PPF Gun Maker
Lady Dixie
Rutledge # 343
Rutledge's Dinger
Annie 823

Progeny History

Reveille Star (H)
DOB 04/03/2018
Sire: Rev Up the Stars

DOB 11/24/2017
Sire: Rev Up the Stars

DOB 09/20/2017
Sire: Rev Up the Stars

DOB 10/18/2020
Sire: Rev Up the Stars

DOB 10/05/2020
Sire: Rev Up the Stars