Texas Longhorn Brood Cows

The Texas Longhorn brood cow is the production machine of the breeding program.

At Star Creek Ranch I have a group of cows that are my foundation cows – those that played a big part in getting me where I am in the Texas Longhorn industry. These cows will likely remain in my herd doing what they do best, raising awesome offspring for me. But most of my cows are for sale and I like to help breeders chose the cows from my herd that fit their program best whether you are a new breeder trying to establish your program or an experienced breeder looking to add new bloodlines to improve or compliment your herd.

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I invite you to call me to schedule an appointment to see my cows or just have a nice long phone conversation about an animal that catches your eye. I know my cows on a “first name basis” so I can give you detailed information about each one and I will enjoy the visit.

Rutledge’s Miss Dotty

Rutledge's Miss Dotty
TLBAA No.:C205578
DOB:April 02, 2001

Star Supreme Credit

Texas Longhorn Brood Cow - Star Supreme Credit
TLBAA No.:C213094
DOB:July 15, 2002

Sequential Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Sequential Stars
TLBAA No.:CAI247355*
DOB:April 16, 2007

Sophisticated Stars in Style

Texas Longhorn Brood Cow - Sophisticated Stars in Style
TLBAA No.:CI264537
DOB:November 07, 2009

TCC Blue Zoom

Texas Longhorn Brood Cow - TCC Blue Zoom
TLBAA No.:CI276012
DOB:April 22, 2011

Kinetic Motion of Stars

Texas Longhorn cow - Kinetic Motion of Stars
TLBAA No.:CTI285896*
DOB:December 08, 2012

Cruising to the Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Cruising to the Stars
TLBAA No.:CI294158*
DOB:March 12, 2015


Texas Longhorn brood cow - Starbased Princess
TLBAA No.:CI294896*
DOB:April 13, 2015

Sensational Stars Afire

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Sensational Stars Afire
TLBAA No.:CI295810*
DOB:August 06, 2015

Aim for the Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Aim for the Stars
TLBAA No.:CI299096*
DOB:November 19, 2015

Race to the Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Race to the Stars
TLBAA No.:CI298370*
DOB:November 23, 2015

Crimson Star Replay

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Crimson Star Replay
TLBAA No.:CAI299513
DOB:February 14, 2016

Star of Incandescence

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Star of Incandescence
TLBAA No.:CI303847
DOB:May 20, 2016

Timeless Star

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Timeless Star
TLBAA No.:CI304481
DOB:July 15, 2016

Starbased Nike

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Starbased Nike
TLBAA No.:CI306011
DOB:September 17, 2016


Texas Longhorn cow - MK Miss Moonbeam
TLBAA No.:CI302246*
DOB:November 18, 2016

Following Stars

Texas Longhorn brood cows - Following Stars
TLBAA No.:CTI308252*
DOB:November 22, 2016


Texas Longhorn brood cow - Literal Star
TLBAA No.:CI308254
DOB:January 31, 2017

Transcendent Star

Texas Longhorn Brood Cow - Transcendent Star
TLBAA No.:CI309184*
DOB:March 24, 2017

Westfarms 710

Texas Longhorn brood cow - Westfarms 710
TLBAA No.:CI310339*
DOB:April 18, 2017


Texas Longhorn brood cow - Full Moon and Stars
TLBAA No.:CI311984*
DOB:September 20, 2017

Red Soda Star

Texas Longhorn heifer - Red Soda Star
TLBAA No.:CI311373*
DOB:October 19, 2017

Mesmerized by Stars

Texas Longhorn heifer - Mesmerized by Stars
TLBAA No.:CTI308925*
DOB:November 26, 2017

Reveille Star

Texas Longhorn heifer - Reveille Star
TLBAA No.:CI316844*
DOB:April 03, 2018