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Contact Darlene Aldridge at Star Creek Ranch for Purchasing Texas Longhorn Cattle and Breeding Opportunities

I invite anyone interested in buying Texas Longhorns to contact me for information on any animals shown on my website or just to learn more about the breed. I have been raising Texas Longhorns since 1997 and can honestly say I have learned a lot from my mistakes and from those of others, so I can really help you get a head start with your program to take it to where you want to go without having to go through common starts and stops.

I can help you in heifer selection, herd sire selection, stocking rate, vaccination protocol, herd health management, nutrition and many other topics that a new breeder has a lot of questions about. I really enjoy visiting with people just starting out or those that have been at it a while just like me – we all have something in common to talk about and we all love these cattle.

So, give me a call and let’s set up a time for a visit. Come on by and let’s spend a few hours looking at cattle.

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