Texas Longhorn Herd Sire Prospects

Texas Longhorn herd sire prospects are young bulls offered as heifer bulls or herd bulls for breeders just getting started. I select bulls from top bloodlines in my herd to offer. All of these bulls are screened for temperament, horn production, pedigree and future potential.

Because of their age, a prospect can often be purchased from a very reasonable price and grow with your herd. Also moving a young bull to a new location can be much less problematic that moving a mature bull to a new herd.

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I am selective about the bulls I hold as herd sire prospects. They all must meet a criterion that would work for me in horn growth, color, size, temperament, pedigree and conformation. I would enjoy showing you the young bulls I have coming up at Star Creek Ranch and help you decide if any of them would be right for your herd. So, call me and let’s schedule a visit to the ranch or just have a good conversation on the phone. I love to “talk Texas Longhorns.”