Texas Longhorn Herd Sires

A Texas Longhorn herd sire is a magnificent animal to behold. They come in a myriad range of hues and colors including blacks, mahogany browns, deep reds, rust, orange, duns, grays (grulla), roans, and white with many varied patterns. They are heavily muscled with massive heads, thick necks, arched shoulders, straight backs, strong powerful legs, rounded rumps and many have tails that sweep the ground. The Texas Longhorn herd sire of today is much different than the lanky, scrawny bull many people envision running through the brush in cowboy movies of old.

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The importance of a top-notch herd sire cannot be emphasized enough. A cow will typically calve one calf a year and her genetics will pass to that calf. The bull represents one half of genetic makeup every calf he sires. So, it is easy to see how fast you can improve your herd quality by choosing the correct bull for your herd.

At Star Creek Ranch I strive to use herd sires that I believe will constantly bring my herd to the next level. And a big part of that is to always be on the lookout for the next young bull to accomplish that goal.

Starbase Commander has been a real game changer at Star Creek Ranch. He is one of only four bulls to produce a cow that measures over 100” TTT and I have two more possible daughters in my pasture that are going to reach that goal also. I am currently offering pasture breeding to Starbase Commander on a limited basis and I have semen for sale.

I also offer live cover pasture breeding on several other young herd sires I am using at the ranch including Lucchese Star, Cowboy Tuff Chex x Kinetic Motion of Stars. Call me about any you see on the website. Semen is available on some.

I think one of the most important factors in choosing a herd sire are the dam and grandam of that bull. First ask yourself if you would like to have a pasture full of cows just like the dam of the herd sire you are considering. If the answer is no, then move along. But if you love the dam (and grandam), then give the bull a close look. His fraternal line is very important. You want a bull that will produce daughters like his dam and grandam.

I am selective about the bulls I hold as herd sire prospects. They all must meet a criterion that would work for me in horn growth, color, size, temperament, pedigree and conformation. I would enjoy showing you the young bulls I have coming up at Star Creek Ranch and help you decide if any of them would be right for your herd. So, call me and lets schedule a visit to the ranch or just have a good conversation on the phone. I love to “talk Texas Longhorns.”


TLBAA No.: BTI76515*
DOB: September 03, 2006
Sex: Bull
Sire: PPF Gun Maker
Dam: Lady Dixie


TLBAA No.: BI90143*
DOB: May 25, 2014
Sex: Bull
Sire: X-STAR
Dam: Guns N’ Roses N’ Stars


TLBAA No.: BI93326
DOB: July 03, 2016
Sex: Bull
Dam: RR DAISY 262


TLBAA No.: BTI96598*
DOB: November 22, 2017
Sex: Bull
Sire: CV Casanova’s Magnum


TLBAA No.: BI101620
DOB: October 15, 2020
Sex: Bull