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Whether you want to build a quality herd to compete in futurities or the Horn Showcase or to own an iconic piece of the Old West for your very own ranch, you can find the right Texas Longhorn to meet your needs at Star Creek Ranch.

As owner and operator of Star Creek Ranch, one of the things that sets my ranch apart is the unique approach I take, not only to breeding and gene pool diversity, but to the care of my herd as well. My past work as a veterinary professional means that I can provide the best care possible to ensure the health and longevity of my Texas Longhorns.

At Star Creek Ranch, the historical legacy of the Texas Longhorn is joined by a commitment to 21st century breeding technology, all designed to improve genetics and produce the best possible animals for my customers.

Texas Longhorn bulls are one of the most important factors in building your herd since the bull accounts for one half of the genetics of every calf born in the herd. At Star Creek Ranch, I have a wide range of types and ages—from young bull calves to mature herd sires. So, call me and let’s schedule a visit or just have a good conversation on the phone. I love to “talk Texas Longhorns.”

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Texas Longhorn Herd Sires

Every cattle breeder knows that the quality of their herd begins with the selection of their bulls. Every animal I produce, from the amazing long-horned cows to the beautiful multi-colored steers, starts with a mighty herd sire. At Star Creek Ranch, my bulls represent a veritable who’s who of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle.

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Texas Longhorn Herd Sire Prospects

Consider buying a herd sire prospect to grow with your herd! I am very excited about these up-and-coming prospects. I carefully select the best herd sire prospects to offer to other breeders, choosing each one depending on a variety of factors, from sound genetics to the size and shape of their horns. Because of their age, a prospect can often be bought for a very reasonable price, which makes it a good purchase for breeders just getting started.

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Texas Longhorn Bull Calves

Consider buying a calf to raise and potentially own a tremendous bull one day. With a strong parental base, these calves will continue to develop into outstanding Texas Longhorn Bulls. They are sired by premier Texas Longhorn herd sires such as Starbase Commander, X Star, XCalibur Star, JH Rough Country, Lucchese Star, Rev Up the Stars and WF Friday’s Check. In addition you will see some calves born through AI or embryo transfer.

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Texas Longhorn Bull Breeding Program

Creating a great herd means assembling a wide selection of great bulls, one that brings genetic diversity to the pasture and helps guide the next generation of the species. That is why I’ve worked hard to choose the best bulls in the industry, and why I have further diversified their bloodlines through artificial insemination and the science of embryo transfer.

This cutting-edge technology allows me to introduce wonderful new bloodlines to the herd, further diversifying the gene pool and helping to ensure the future of this iconic breed of cattle. Learn more about my breeding program!

Learn more on the Breeding Programs page

Contact Star Creek Ranch For Texas Longhorn Purchasing or Breeding Options

If you are ready to start your own herd, I would be happy to supply you with the bulls that will help you create a brighter future for these amazing animals.

Contact Star Creek Ranch to see which bulls are available and how you can add one to your own program. I would love to show you around and let you meet my long-horned four-legged residents.

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*We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Please examine the animal purchased and let me know if you have any concerns within 15 days. **If it is discovered that a cow or heifer will not breed or milk as offered a reasonable exchange will be offered.
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Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award

In 2011 I was awarded the “Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award” which has been awarded to individuals since 1982 who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Texas Longhorn cattle through their breeding program. It is a significant honor to be a recipient of this award, named in honor of a dedicated Texas Longhorn breeder, Dave Evans, and I was very honored to join such a distinguished list of recipients.

Star Creek Ranch is my home and my passion. I love sharing the land and cattle with others. I frequently have people drive by and stop to take pictures. If I can I always take time to show them around. I love to help new breeders just getting started by answering questions and sharing tips and ideas. I have a huge lake on the ranch and many friends come fishing. Friends from my church come camping on occasion. Some come to hunt hogs – the scourge of all landowners. I have wonderful employees who help me keep the place in top condition and the animals well cared for. My Border collie, Indy, is my constant companion and top cow dog – well she thinks she is, and who am I to argue. Life is great at Star Creek Ranch and I invite you to come for a visit.

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