Trophy Steers

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Trophy Steers at Star Creek Ranch

Trophy Steers are majestic, living, breathing, moving pieces of art of the Old West. Texas Longhorn steers are generally easygoing and make excellent pasture pets that come with bragging rights. Star Creek Ranch in Somerville, Texas is well known for our great big-horned steers we have produced for breeders large and small and we have many animals grazing in pastures all over the country.

People who don’t have the time or space to get into a breeding operation but still want to experience the fun of these magnificent cattle often choose trophy steers. Even commercial cattle breeders will often have a big steer or two running with their herds just for history’s sake. Steers are also excellent guardians for protecting calves from predators during calving season.

So be sure to check out our beautiful Texas Longhorn steers for sale from top bloodlines. All come with a complete medical history and are selected for temperament that you will enjoy. Give me a call or send me an email with any questions you have about trophy steer prospects we have for sale.

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*We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Please examine the animal purchased and let me know if you have any concerns within 15 days.

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Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award

In 2011 I was awarded the “Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award” which has been awarded to individuals since 1982 who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Texas Longhorn cattle through their breeding program. It is a significant honor to be a recipient of this award, named in honor of a dedicated Texas Longhorn breeder, Dave Evans, and I was very honored to join such a distinguished list of recipients.

Star Creek Ranch is my home and my passion. I love sharing the land and cattle with others. I frequently have people drive by and stop to take pictures. If I can I always take time to show them around. I love to help new breeders just getting started by answering questions and sharing tips and ideas. I have a huge lake on the ranch and many friends come fishing. Friends from my church come camping on occasion. Some come to hunt hogs – the scourge of all landowners. I have wonderful employees who help me keep the place in top condition and the animals well cared for. My Border Collie, Indy, is my constant companion and top cow dog – well she thinks she is, and who am I to argue. Life is great at Star Creek Ranch and I invite you to come for a visit.

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