BC Smoke’N Precious

Texas Longhorn brood cow - BC Smoke N Precious

BC Smoke’N Precious is a fancy roan Texas Longhorn cow I bought at Red McCombs sale in 2018. I had my eye on her from the time the catalog came out. She is a daughter of Bow Carpenter’s Texas Longhorn bull LAR Smoke’N.  She has a beautiful set of swoop horns and a feminine face.  She is confirmed pregnant to Starbase Commander for her next calf. This was a mating I had planned when I bought her. (Picture taken 10/08/2018)

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    April 11, 2014
  • Price
  • Horns
    67.75" TTT; 101" BH; 13.5" Base (06/06/2019)


Texas Longhorn Herd Sire - LAR Smoke
LAR Smoke’N
Cowboy Chex
Peacemaker 44
BL Poco Bueno
Smokey Roan
Hunts Command Respect
Saw Dust
Sunhaven Sittin Precious
Sunhaven Sittin Precious
Sittin Bull
Hunts Command Respect
GF Possum Girl
GF G-Man
Archers 'Possum Eyes

Calving History

Bow Star (S)
DOB 12/20/2017
Sire: BC Awesome Mesquite

DOB 02/25/2019
Sire: Sam Chex