Texas Longhorn cow - Texas Longhorn cow


Price Not for sale at this time
TLBAA CI303847
DOB May 20, 2016
Calf at side

Heifer sired by Lucchese Star

Service Sire
Horns 70.25" TTT; 85.5" TH; 14.5" Base (06/04/2019)

Star of Incandescence is the first Texas Longhorn daughter from an awesome cow I raised, Quarter Moon and Stars. Quarter Moon measures 88″ TTT at just 5 years and will definitely be over 90″! Incandescence is sired by a really nice Texas Longhorn bull XCalibur Star. Incandescence got her name because her hair coat seemed to glow when she was just a baby. Her horn growth is excellent – she projects into the high 80″‘s TTT. Incandescence has an awesome heifer sired by Lucchese Star for her first calf. This will create some line breeding in this calf. Super excited to welcome Stars at Daybreak. I am so pleased with this calf I have chosen to breed her back to Lucchese for her next calf. (Picture taken 06/06/2019)


XCalibur Star

XCalibur Star

X Star
Star Regard 927
American Sonata
Crimson Star Reward
Starbase Commander
Crimson Star Revealed
Quarter Moon and Stars

Quarter Moon and Stars

Starbase Commander
PPF Gun Maker
Lady Dixie
Sequential Stars
J.R. Grand Slam
Stars Southern Accent

Calving History

Stars at Daybreak (H)
DOB 01/02/2019
Sire: Lucchese Star