Texas Longhorn heifer - Enamored by Stars

Enamored by Stars is my first Texas Longhorn baby from my awesome heifer, Mesmerized by Stars, a daughter of my 103.5″ TTT Kinetic Motion of Stars. This young brindle heifer has some big hoof prints to walk in! She is sired by Sam Chex, a bull well known for the awesome daughters he sires. Enamored is feminine and pretty as she can be. She has turned a gorgeous brindle all over and will just get prettier as she matures. (Picture taken 11/17/2020)

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    February 26, 2020


Texas Longhorn Herd Sire - Sam Chex
Sam Chex
PCC Commander
Red & White Sonia
BL Sadie
Farlap Chex
BL Reata Tari
Texas Longhorn brood cow - Mesmerized by Stars
Mesmerized by Stars
CV Casanova's Magnum
CV Cowboy Casanova
Hubbells Rio Taffy
Kinetic Motion of Stars
Starbase Commander
Sequential Stars