Sophisticated Stars in Style

Texas Longhorn Brood Cow - Sophisticated Stars in Style

Sophisticated Stars in Style is the last daughter of the great cow Me Oh My Style, a fabulous Dixie Joker daughter that measured 74″ tip to tip of twisty horn. Me Oh My Style won the TLBAA Horn Showcase Twisty Horn Competition the first year it was held. This cow’s nickname is Sophie. Sophie has¬†passed the 100″ mark of total horn and is now well over 80″ TTT also. Wow! Sophie’s first daughter, Cosmopolitan Star, is a wonderful brood cow with tremendous twist to her horns also. We sold Sophie’s second heifer at the H-V Sale in 2016. Sophie’s third heifer, Star for the Seasons, is sired by Star Regard and already over 80″ TTT also. She recently joined John and Lauren Clark’s herd. Both her 2017 and 2018 bulls are serving as herd sires. In 2019 Sophie had a stout bull sired by Sam Chex that will also be serving as a herd sire. She has a very nice heifer, Novelty of Stars, also sired by Sam Chex. In 2021 Sophie had a fancy bull calf, Patriot Star Command, born March 5, 2021 sired by Patriot HR. She is now confirmed pregnant to Magnum Star Force for her next calf. ¬†(Picture taken 07/20/2019)

Sophisticated Stars in Style won First in Total Horn, First in Tip to Tip and First in Composite at the 2011 TLBAA Horn Showcase in Fort Worth, TX.

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    November 07, 2009
  • Horns
    85.25" TTT; 106" TH; 14.5" Base


Texas Longhorn Herd Sire - Starbase Commander
Starbase Commander
PPF Gun Maker
Carl's Oreo
Gunman's Fancy Ava
Lady Dixie
Dixie Joker
Delta Flamingo
Me Oh My Style
Me Oh My Style
Dixie Joker
Dixie Ruler
Delta Bunny
Delta Style
Dixie Cash
Vise Versa 21/1

Progeny History

Cosmopolitan Star (C)
DOB 10/02/2012
Sire: X Star

DOB 04/11/2014
Sire: Bolt Action Star

Star for the Seasons (C)
DOB 05/19/2015
Sire: Star Regard 927

Rawhide Star (S)
DOB 04/14/2016
Sire: X Star

Leather Star (S)
DOB 04/15/2016
Sire: X Star

Trade Star (B)
DOB 08/25/2016
Sire: WF Friday’s Check

Seismic Star (B)
DOB 09/07/2017
Sire: Rev Up the Stars

Star Fire Commander (B)
DOB 01/22/2019
Sire: Sam Chex

DOB 01/26/2020
Sire: Sam Chex

DOB 03/05/2021