Texas Longhorn brood cow - Starbased Princess

Starbased Princess is a very gentle Texas Longhorn cow that is confirmed pregnant to my tremendous herd sire Rev Up the Stars. She raises a very fat calf. She has had one heifer of her own and then last year was used as a recipient cow. She is an easy going mother when she has a baby at side. Would be an excellent cow in a small, starter herd. She is a very big bodied cow and really makes a statement in the pasture. She is due in February 2021. (Picture taken 05/14/2020)

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    April 13, 2015
  • Price


Texas Longhorn Herd Sire - Starbase Commander
Starbase Commander
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Texas Longhorn brood cow - TP Taffy 2/7
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