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Rutledge's Miss Dotty

Rutledge’s Miss Dotty

TLBAA C205578
DOB April 02, 2001
Calf at side

Heifer sired by Starbase Commander

Service Sire

Confirmed pregnant to Sam Chex

Horns 66.25" TTT; 88" TH; 11" Base

Rutledge’s Miss Dotty is a wonderful cow with a tremendous production record behind her. Dotty has raised many great offspring for me including high selling daughters like Star Sighting (sold for $13,000 at Cattle Barons Sale in 2013) and Sheraton Star (sold for $60,000 at the Midwest Sale.) Dotty has had a tremendous set of offspring sired by Starbase Commander including Four Star Hotel. Dotty’s natural daughter sired by Starbase Commander, Star Specialty, is another one of these great heifers coming up. Dotty now has her thirteenth heifer at side, My Flirtacious Star, also sired by Starbase Commander. This cow continues to raise awesome calves at seventeen years of age. She is confirmed pregnant to Sam Chex for her next calf. (Picture taken 07/06/07)


Rutledge's Dinger

Rutledge’s Dinger

I'm A Hot Shot Too
Deigo's Hot Shot
Moore's Maiden 34/4
YO Bold Queen 1931
Bold Ruler
Kiowa Queen

Rutledge’s Pretty Woman

GF Letter of Credit
GF G-Man
GF Red Foster
Pretty Woman
Jay Hawk
Ace's Little Beauty

Calving History

Star Dot Dash (C)
DOB 01/25/05
Sire: Luke’s Red Bull

Stars Fly By (C)
DOB 02/16/06
Sire: Stars A Jumpin’

Stars Go Wild (B)
DOB 04/08/07
Sire: Dark Star Chex

Star Sighting (C)
DOB 04/29/2008
Sire: Dark Star Chex

Stars In Charge (S)
DOB 07/01/2009
Sire: Starbase Commander

Four Star Hotel (C)
DOB 05/25/2010
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Extraordinaire (B)
DOB 12/19/2011
Sire: Bolt Action Star

Wyndham Star (C)
DOB 11/01/2012
Sire: Starbase Commander

Northern Star Command (B)
DOB 01/26/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Waldorf Astaria (C)
DOB 02/01/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Sheraton Star (H)
DOB 02/03/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Fortune Shines on Stars (H)
DOB 01/02/2014
Sire: Starbase Commander

Nightly Come the Stars (H)
DOB 01/03/2014
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Troop Command (B)
DOB 01/06/2014
Sire: Starbase Commander

X-Tra Bold Stars (B)
DOB 02/11/2014
Sire: X Star

Take Notice of Stars (H)
DOB 03/27/2015
Sire: Starbase Commander

In Favor of Stars (H)
DOB 02/28/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Specialty (H)
DOB 02/15/2017
Sire: Starbase Commander

My Flirtacious Star (H)
DOB 01/31/2018
Sire: Starbase Commander