About the Ranch

About the Ranch

Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at all times! Welcome to Star Creek Ranch, the home of Darlene Aldridge, D.V.M. The preceding statement sums up my business motto and goal.

I became interested in Texas Longhorn cattle for their beauty and historical value and they became a real passion for me. My ranch is located in Somerville, Texas. I invite you for a visit at any time to see the wonderful variety of Texas Longhorns I have for sale.

The longer I have raised Texas Longhorn cattle, the more I have come to love and admire this singular breed of cattle. Texas Longhorn cattle possess an innate robustness defined by their natural disease resistance, longevity, reproductive prowess, natural calving ease, intelligence and beauty.

I offer Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at the ranch. Horn length is probably the main characteristic that determines value of Texas Longhorns. Therefore a big part of my emphasis is on horn production. I am striving for a well muscled, feminine cow that weighs around 950-1100 lbs., produces a calf every year and milks well to raise a good, healthy calf. Since color variation is such a personal preference among Texas Longhorn breeders, I am striving for fancy, striking coloration with a lot of variety so I have something to please everyone.

Starbase Commander is the premier Texas Longhorn herd sire in my program. He is producing everything I could ask from a bull including tremendous horn length and horn base, good conformation with lots of bone in his calves, a wide variety of color and great disposition. XCalibur Star is another bull I bred and raised that will add fancy brindle color, base and correct conformation to my herd. Another young bull I am using this year is Rev Up the Stars. This bull has brindle color, tremendous horn length and base and size and body. This year I am also using LAR Smoke’N owned by Bow Carpenter.

In my Texas Longhorn breeding program I also use an extensive embryo transfer program. I am able to offer some tremendous Texas Longhorn cattle for sale through the use of my embryo transfer program.

I won the “Dave Evans Breeder of the Year Award” in 2012. I was greatly honored to receive this prestigious award and will continue to strive to greater goals in my breeding program.