3H Frost

3H Frost is a big, bold red Texas Longhorn brood cow that raises a calf to rival any in the weaning pen. I bought her to use as a recipient cow and she has bred with embryos in 4/16, 3/15, 2/15 and 01/17. How is that for production? I didn’t have embryos to put in this year at the right time so I have bred her to Rev Up the Stars for her own calf. She is certainly the quality cow to breed for her own calf. As you can imagine Frost is easy to work and takes excellent care of her babies. Her calf is due in summer 2020. (Picture taken 09/17/2019)

Data Sheet

  • Date of Birth
    June 29, 2010
  • Price
  • Horns
    74.625" TTT (03/02/2019)


Chisholm 4
Boomerang CP
Overlord CP
Indian Girl 636
Overly Fancy
Overlord CP
CK Donovan's Fancy

Frostie PC188
JM Sue
DH Frostbite
JM Mandy
VJ Tommie
Frosted Class RG895