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Clear Victory

Price $ 3,500.00
TLBAA CI310308*
DOB June 03, 2017
Calf at side
Service Sire
Horns 42" TTT; 11" Base (11/15/2018)

Clear Victory is a very nice Texas Longhorn heifer born to a big, stout cow from Darol Dickinson’s breeding program. She should have tremendous size and horn based on her pedigree. Clear Victory is a very gentle heifer. The huge, brindle Victory Lap is her sire. (Picture taken 09/18/2018)


Victory Lap

Victory Lap

Winchester 465/9
Sadie Sam
VJ Tommie
Ranch Lady
Steady N Clear

Steady N Clear

Clear Win
Win Win
Bowl of Roses
Steady Temp
Obvioulsy Fultz