Winnie Outshines Stars

Winnie Outshines Stars

Price Consigned to Red McCombs Sale held on May 4, 2019
TLBAA C276797
DOB May 11, 2011

Gene Lee


Lacy Leigh

Horns 81.75" TTT; 106.75" TH; 12" Base

Winnie Outshines Stars is a very pretty, feminine cow that has earned a place in our herd. She is in the unique catagory of being over 80 inches tip to tip and over 100″ total horn. She has produced a herd sire by Starbase Commander. Her 2014 daughter, Written in the Stars, sired by Star Regard 927 is just fantastic. I have sold Winnie’s 2015 and 2016 heifers. She is a trememdous producer. In 2017 she raised another potential herd sire, Stars X-Cel, born 10/27/2017 sired by XCalibur Star. Winnie has another heifer which I will be retaining. She is confirmed pregnant to Temper Tantrum in the first trimester. (Picture taken 04/30/2019)

News Flash! Winnie was high point heifer at the 2013 Texas Gold Futurity.


Gene Lee

Feisty Lee Jr.
Feisty Lee
Feisty Leigh
LLL Gun Smoke's Tizzy
Gun Smoke
J.R. Tazz
Lacy Leigh

Lacy Leigh

ZD Kelly
Diamond W Pay Cash
Delta Ursula
M Arrow Majestic Cameo 6/04 CF3
Monarch's Majestic

Calving History

Starfleet Commander (B)
DOB 10/26/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Written in the Stars (C)
DOB 10/12/2014
Sire: Star Regard 927

Stars With My Coffee (C)
DOB 10/02/2015
Sire: Starbase Commander

Myriad of Stars (C)
DOB 10/18/2016
Sire: XCalibur Star

Stars X-Cel (B)
DOB 10/27/2017
Sire: XCalibur Star