X-Ceptional Star
X-Ceptional Star

X-Ceptional Star

TLBAA CI301102*
DOB May 30, 2015
Calf at side
Service Sire


Horns 57.5" TTT; 66" TH; 13.25" Base (06/07/2017)

X-Ceptional Star is a fancy heifer that carries a pedigree from some of our top cattle. This heifer is going to shine as she matures. Look how smooth and colorful she is. Great conformation and horns – 57.5″ TTT at just over 24 months! She has such a feminine look to her.  X-Ceptional is confirmed pregnant to WBAR ItsMrChex2U.  She is due in September 2017. (Picture taken 06/18/2017)


Operation Star Strike

Bolt Action Star
Peacemaker 44
Star Supreme Credit
Star Sighting
Dark Star Chex
Rutledge's Miss Dotty
X-Cited About Stars

X-Cited About Stars

X Star
Star Regard 927
American Sonata
Four Star Hotel
Starbase Commander
Rutledge's Miss Dotty