Stars Southern Accent
Stars Southern Accent

Stars Southern Accent

TLBAA CI234104*
DOB February 17, 2005
Calf at side
Service Sire

Rev Up the Stars

Horns 70" TTT; 86" TH; 11.5" Base

Stars Southern Accent is a beautiful roan cow sired by the great horn producing GF Southbrook. She has tremendous lateral horns with a beautiful swoop. Accent’s first daughter Sequential Stars is a real beauty sired by J.R. Grand Slam. Sequential has also proven to be one of my very best producers. Accent’s third heifer in a row, Stars Southern Inflection, also sired by Starbase Commander was over 70″ as a three year old. I flushed Accent to XCalibur Star and now have two embryo heifers sired by him X-Pressly A Star and X-Quisitely A Star. Her 2015 heifer is the beautiful Halcyon Star, sired by Star Regard. (Picture taken 07/23/2015)


GF Southbrook

GF Southbrook

GF G-Man
Colorado Cowboy
Inez of Acampo
Still Water
585 Concho

585 Concho

J.R. Skippy
J.R. Peanut Butter
GF G-Trish
GF G-Man
Classey Trish

Calving History

Sequential Stars (C)
DOB 04/16/2007
Sire: J.R. Grand Slam

Stars Command Attention (C)
DOB 11/10/2008
Sire: Starbase Commander

Stars Southern Inflection (C)
DOB 11/01/2009
Sire: Starbase Commander

In Cadence with Stars (C)
DOB 03/12/2011
Sire: Star Marker

Megarageous Star (B)
DOB 03/02/2013
Sire: Starbase Commander

Duke of Stars (S)
DOB 02/03/2015
Sire: Starbase Commander

Star Production (S)
DOB 02/06/2015
Sire: Starbase Commander

Halcyon Star (H)
DOB 05/22/2015
Sire: Star Regard 927

X-Quisitely A Star (H)
DOB 08/14/2016
Sire: XCalibur Star

X-Pressly A Star (H)
DOB 08/15/2016
Sire: XCalibur Star