SL Unlimited Berry

SL Unlimited Berry

Price $ 4,000.00
TLBAA CI282620*
DOB April 04, 2012
Calf at side

Heifer sired by Quick Draw 102

Service Sire

Starbase Commander

Horns 66.5" TTT; 89.75" TH; 11.5" Base

SL Unlimited Berry is a young cow with a bright future ahead of her. She currently has a pretty heifer at side sired by a Concealed Weapon son Quick Draw 103. Unlimited Berry is a gentle easy going cow with beautiful conformation and horns. She has a perfect udder to raise her baby. This cow is a real standout in the pasture. Berry has been exposed to Starbase Commander for her next calf.  (Picture taken 03/15/2017)


Unlimited Respect

Unlimited Respect

Hunts Command Respect
Hunt's Emperor
Miss Rodeo America
Roungups Ms Unlimited
Queen Unlimited KK A.I.
JBR Berry Torch

JBR Berry Torch

JBR Chrome
Hunts Command Respect
Sue-Perior Cherry Berry
JM Sue
L Special Cherry Berry

Calving History

Quickly Fly the Stars
DOB April 4, 2017
Sire: Quickly Fly the Stars