Friday 13
Friday 13

Friday 13

TLBAA CI239298*
DOB January 13, 2006
Calf at side
Service Sire

Rev Up the Stars

Horns 80.75" TTT; 99" TH; 11.5" Base

Friday 13 is a beautiful brown roan cow we acquired this past year. We also bought her son, WF Friday’s Check, sired by WF Checkers. We feel these two animals will really add to our herd. I flushed Friday 13 to Starbase Commander and have two embryo bull calves (Stars to the West and Friday Star Command) on the ground. This cow brings some tremendous genetics and great horn to our herd. Friday’s 2016 natural heifer calf, Thirteen Stars, is also sired by Starbase Commander. (Picture taken 06/10/2015)


Hunts Command Respect

Hunts Command Respect

Hunts Emperor
WM Emperors Runamuck
WM TJ Taxi
Miss Rodeo America
WM Rodeo
L Sparkle Command
Sage Hen 02

Sage Hen 02


Calving History

WF Candy Apple (C)
DOB 01/01/2008
Sire: Sittin Bull

Outlaw 013 (B)
DOB 04/14/2010
Sire: Cowboy Chex

WF Friday’s Check (B)
DOB 07/20/2011
Sire: WF Checkers

WF Lexus (C)
DOB 06/02/2012
Sire: WF Checkers

WF Jumping Jack Flash (B)
DOB 06/14/2013
Sire: WF Checkers

Unnamed (C)
DOB 07/11/2014
Sire: WF Checkers

Friday Star Command (B)
DOB 04/11/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Stars to the West (B)
DOB 04/13/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander

Thirteen Stars (H)
DOB 05/10/2016
Sire: Starbase Commander