Enchanted with Stars
Enchanted with Stars

Enchanted with Stars

TLBAA CTI298163*
DOB February 04, 2015
Calf at side
Service Sire

Rev Up the Stars

Horns 62" TTT; 68.25" TH 12.25" Base (06/07/2017)

Enchanted with Stars is an embryo calf from the flush of our great Sequential Stars to WBAR ItsMisterChex2U. We are very pleased with this girl. It will be interesting to see if this heifer reaches the potential of Sequential’s offspring sired by Starbase Commander, Quarter Moon and Stars, Arrive by Star Flight and Kinetic Motion of Stars. The horn on this heifer is just taking off. (Picture taken 06/18/2017)


WBAR ItsMisterChex2U

WBAR ItsMisterChex2U

Cowboy Chex
Peacemaker 44
BL Poco Bueno
WF Dumpling
Wiregrass Guns A Smokin
PPF Gun Flower
Sequential Stars

Sequential Stars

J.R. Grand Slam
J.R. Sequential
Stars Southern Accent
GF Southbrook
585 Concho